Computer Repair

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You can drop it off, or we can pick it up, laptop or desktop! We even do on-site upgrades and installations.

Search Engine Optimization

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Having trouble getting your site on the first page of Google, Yahoo, or MSN? We use a proven cutting edge multi-faceted approach to increase your search ranking!

Custom Built Computers (PCs) from System 7 Tech

Custom built PCs offer you a tremendous amount of flexiblilty and cost savings compared to big name brands. From graphic design to video production, we can build the right computer for you at the right price level. Our computers are hand built from the ground up with the highest grade components and with your exact project in mind.

System 7's Custom Built PC Offerings:

  • High-End Performance Systems
  • Engineering Systems
  • Design Systems
  • Gaming Systems
  • Video Editing Systems
  • Graphic Design Systems
  • Basic Office Systems
  • and much more...